Sunday, June 21, 2009

The survey continues

We are completing the last portion of our shovel test survey this upcoming week. We have gone back to our 20 meter shovel test transects and added 56 shovel tests at 10 meter intervals. Once the 10 meter shovel tests are completed, we will have a better idea of boundaries for this positive area. We will compile the data from this area (Area A) and attempt to delineate whether we have a single household or multiple residences.

We also investigated a new area (Area C), which is located on a sandy, upland landform. We completed 15 shovel tests at 10 meter intervals along with several judgmental shovel tests. The shovel tests did not yield domestic artifacts as we expected, but we have other promising areas to investigate!

Some of the students exercised their transit knowledge and set up a 10 meter by 10 meter grid in an area south of Pond Creek (Area D). This area has a high density surface scatter including brick fragments, sandstone fragments (sometimes used for building materials), window glass, cut nails, ceramics, metal, and slag. We set up a grid for controlled surface collection, which we will complete this week. We are also hoping to utilize geophysical survey in this area to better understand what is going on beneath the surface.
The photo to the right is hard to see, but we have a 10 meter by 10 meter grid layed out with stakes and pink string.
Stayed tuned for more information and photographs regarding Area D!

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