Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Unit and Block excavation

We have completed our first two 1 x 2 meter units (Units 1 and 2), which are located outside of the geophysical grid. We received our resistivity results and have since opened several 1 x 2 meter units and one 4 x4 meter block excavation unit. The resistivity results show two anomalies within the 20 meter by 40 meter area. One of these anomalies is in an area of known surface and sub-surface bricks. We systematically probed the area and located numerous sub-surface bricks. The photo to the right shows the southeast quad (southeast 1/4 of Unit 3 (1 x 1 meter)) with several exposed bricks.

We also opened the northwest and southwest quads (Unit 3) and exposed even more bricks and fasteners. It appears that the bricks are in a circular pattern, however there is a small upturned tree that may have influenced their pattern. The circular pattern paired with the upturn tree suggests that the the tree fall actually pulled the bricks upward creating a circular pattern. The systematic probing suggests that there are bricks located beneath this disturbed tree fall.

In total, we have opened nine units and excavated two to subsoil. We are opening many 1 x 2 meter units throughout this area in hopes of identifying more structures. The bricks in Unit 3 are considered a structural feature complex, which likely represent a pier or some other type of residential structural element. We plan to continue opening units in hopes of identifying more structural features and domestic assemblages.

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