Friday, July 20, 2012

Student Profiles

Stan Wakefield graduate high school in 1984 and joined the U.S. Navy the same year. After basic training he served onboard the U.S.S. Estocin FFG-15. He left active duty in 1988 and joined the reserve force. After 911, Stan was recalled to active duty at NAS Fallon NV as military police. After leaving the reserves in 2003, he moved to Gaeta, Italy for three years before moving back to the U.S. where he settled in Pensacola, FL. He finished his Associates Degree at PSC in 2011 and started at UWF in the Fall of 2011 working toward a degree in archaeology. Stan enjoyed every aspect of field work, from excavating to GPR and total station.

Zach Sternand is a junior from Fort Walton Beach, FL who is majoring in Biological Anthropology. He is most interested in paleoanthropology and hopes that learning the proper field and excavation techniques at the Arcadia Mill field school will extend to his future career. What he is best at and has improved the most on is mapping.

Aaryn is originally from Steamboat Springs, CO but now lives in Fort Pierce, FL. She is in her Junior year at UWF majoring in archaeology, with a specific interest in classical archaeology. Aaryn joined the Arcadia Mill field school to gain further knowledge of contemporary field methods, and due to her interest in the site area. Her favorite part of field school was completing plan and profile view maps of units.

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