Monday, June 23, 2014

Progress Update

We are now halfway through the field season and things are looking good! On Thursday, the field crew went on a field trip to Mission San Luis to learn about the archaeology conducted there.

In order to investigate a potential brick feature, two additional 1x1 meter units were placed adjacent to Unit 128. However, further investigation revealed no architectural features. A few interesting artifacts have been recovered from these units including a button and a lead shot.

Unit 128 (bottom right), Unit 129 (top right), and Unit 130 (left) at the top of level 2. 
Mandy and Amanda work on Unit 130 

 Excavations of Unit 125 are now complete. This unit continued to surprise the crew this week.While excavating the "inside wall" portion of the unit, crew members noticed large pieces of carbonized wood. Further investigation revealed the intact charred brick floor, with portions of the burnt wooden floor still above it. It was decided to terminate excavations of the "inside wall" once the floor was exposed and thoroughly documented. While cleaning the walls, crew members exposed portions of what appeared to be a large cast iron object. Unfortunately, the object cannot be removed at this time due to its location. It appears to belong to a kitchen appliance, possibly a stove. The object also has a series of numbers on it that we will be researching. Excavations of the "outside wall" portion of the unit revealed what appears to be a small brick foundation for the wall.

Basement floor (Unit 125)

Cast iron object (Unit 125)
Inside Wall of Basement

Outside Wall of Basement

Bonifay Brick (Unit 127)
Unit 127 had some interesting finds this the week. Along with the stoneware vessel discussed in the previous post, the crew recovered a brick fragment that had a makers mark. Excavations of level 6 revealed a charred wooden beam, possibly a type of support for the house. 

FEA 463: charred wooden beam
In order to completely expose the stoneware vessel, crew members placed a 1x1 meter unit (Unit 131) directly south of Unit 127.

Unit 131 Before Excavation

Stay tuned this week for more exciting finds, as well as pictures from our field trip! 

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