Sunday, June 15, 2014

Weekly Progress Update

We have just completed our fourth week at the Simpson Lot, and things are definitely starting to get interesting!  As you may know from earlier posts this week, Unit 125 has had the most interesting artifacts coming out of it--namely silverware, ceramic vessel pieces, and large pieces of scorched marble.  What makes this even more impressive is the fact that the crew has been digging constantly through brick rubble on the inside of the basement wall.  Pictured below is unit 125 in progress.

And here is a profile view of the basement wall from the outside.

Also This week, unit 126 was completed, and a new unit (128) was put in on the northern edge of the basement depression. Below is a picture of the finished unit 126.

And here is a picture of the 1 meter by 1 meter unit (128) before excavation.

And again with the first 10 centimeters excavated.  You can see that they have a large amount of brick just below the surface in the Northern half of their unit.  Because of the high number of bricks, two more units have been put in around unit 128 in order to better define the possible feature that this unit might contain.

Meanwhile, Unit 127 has been revealing more brick rubble in the Western half as the crew dug deeper.

Below you will see more brick rubble, a large glass jar, and some burnt wood that may be a large tree root that burned, or a possible scorched plank.  We will certainly know more about it as soon as we get into the next 10 centimeter level.

That's all for now, check back next week as we continue excavating at the Simpson House!

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