Sunday, June 13, 2010

Great Week!

After such a long and rainy week, the Arcadia crew was excited to get back to work! In order to keep things fresh, the students get to join new crews and work in new areas of the block. As expected, the students weren't phased a bit by the jumble.
Here, Trey (left) tries his hand at excavating a builder's trench feature.

Progress on Block 1 continues smoothly. Two of the 2m by 2m units are nearly will be completed by early this week. The students also got an opportunity to employ their high school geometry. They learned how using the Pythagorean theorem to make a perfect square is much more easy in theory than in practice. Nevertheless, two brand new units were put in along the east end of Block 1. Students Capri Wright, Lynne Fobian, and Peter Sittig got to open the first brand new unit of the season. Unit 12 was almost immediately productive.

Here you can see student Capri Wright (right) uncovering a large metal strap or latch. We hope that this unit can help us answer previously established questions about the nature of the structure or structures we are revealing, as well as the daily lives of those who lived in it.

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