Tuesday, June 22, 2010


This week marks the beginning of the second half of the summer field season. This means a lineup change! Last week was the end of Amanda, Capri, Eric, Peter, and Lynne's terrestrial field school and the beginning of their maritime. They all have developed into excellent terrestial archaeologists and good friends and we'll miss having them around the site.

On the right, student Eric Bezemek shovel shaves around architectural features in Unit 6.

By the end of last week and the beginning of this, these departing students were able to wrap up any loose ties for the units and features they've been working on. So far they were able to help the Arcadia field school finish two and a half units, open a new (and very productive) unit, complete sixteen features, nine shovel tests, and recover several hundred bags of artifacts!

On the left, students Amanda Dahlberg and Shane McDonald finish the wall profiles after the completion of Unit 4.

On Friday and this past Monday, students worked on a number of shovel tests north of our current Block 1 in Area A. These shovel tests were set to explore the area for additional architectural sandstone or brick features. Students uncovered two new cut sandstone blocks that have served to deepen the mystery of the nature of our structure. Is it only one large building? Several small, adjacent buildings? On small building with a number of additions? Further analysis of the features and artifacts discovered (and lots more work to be completed) will help us pinpoint the truth!
We've had an outstanding first half! We're so proud of our students and how they've advanced their knowledge and practice of archaeological techniques. We've both answered and generated a ton of interesting questions about the inhabitant of this structure (or structures!). Only time will tell what the second half will bring.

And lastly, on Monday, the last day for the Arcadia first half combo students, the crew decided to celebrate by jumping in Pond Creek to cool off! Definitely a well-deserved reward at the end of a long, hot five weeks.

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