Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Floridian Summer strikes!

This week has opened with record high temperatures for this field season. Although it's not even officially summer, the students (particularly the out-of-state students and supervisors) are learning how to function in the heat. Already this week, the students have finished two of our 2m by 2m units and as well as documented and excavated a feature and removed a level. If this heat and humidity can't stop the Arcadia crew, nothing can!

Today, half of our students got a chance to participate in phase I survey work. Five of our students (Peter Sittig, Amanda Dahlberg, Lynne Fobian, Capri Wright, and Eric Bezemek) accompanied supervisor Andrew Christensen and consultant Elizabeth Murphy headed over to Area D to reexamine this intriguing part of the Arcadia Mills property.

Last year, students preformed a controlled surface collection and completed a number of systematic shovel tests to explore the small upland parcel for the evidence domestic occupation. Our work last year uncovered a number of different kinds of artifacts that prompted us to come back this year. So far, students excavated six shovel tests, all but one of which were positive. We plan to do more work in this area to figure out just what is going on! Stay tuned for the results.

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