Sunday, June 17, 2012

Another productive week at Arcadia Mill! The whole team pitched in to clear transect lines covered by heavy vegetation in order to lay out and excavate the remaining shovel tests of the survey, which concluded phase I of our investigation. Supervisor Rylan Thomas and student Aaryn Maloney practiced total station skills and shot in the final datums for these remaining shovel tests.

A surface survey of the northwest corner of the lot revealed an eight-pier structure that is believed to be a water tower, based on oral reports. One Jose Noriega brick was positively identified in the southwest pier, which dates to Arcadia Mill’s years of operation.

The crew worked hard to clear the vegetation covering the brick features. Once cleared, mapping began on individual piers. It is unclear at this time if these structural remains will be excavated this summer. However, mapping the surface remnants is the best way to record them for future purposes of excavation and analysis.

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