Wednesday, June 20, 2012

This week, Eric Swanson’s crew consisted of Matt Slycord and Kyle Feriend. The primary objectives through the week were focused on preparing for test unit excavations by the end of the week, and for the rest of the summer. The first order of business for this task is to clear the dense foliage surrounding important cultural remains previously scouted and marked with pin flags. This process takes a significant amount of time, unless you’re a part of Arcadia Mill’s 2012 field school!

As always, the local population was ready and waiting for photographic opportunities, as can be seen here.

Lunch time!

This lone spider came out on Tuesday (note the smiley face on its abdomen), to be relocated out of harm’s way. Though, on Wednesday afternoon, a similar spider became prey to this wasp.

Matt using his trowel to clear stubborn roots
from the brick feature.
By Friday, Matt, Kyle, and Eric set in the first test unit of 2012! Unit 105 and 106 (located immediately adjacent to one another) were placed to investigate what was initially probed and believed to be a brick floor. After several grueling hours of carefully (honest) exposing the bricks located in Unit 106, Matt discovered a linear pattern running North-South across the center.

Kyle screening fill from the first test unit
of the season!
Kyle took strategic care during the final hours of cleaning the unit, excited to be the first person to see and explore cultural materials that haven’t been visible for possibly 150 years! For the remainder of the week, the team will continue to expose the brick structure, and preserve its integrity for later analysis and interpretation.

It’s been a great five weeks everyone, thank you so much for all you shared with me. I’ve enjoyed every moment out there on the Simpson Lot with you. I look forward to seeing you all again!
Terrestrial/Maritime supervisor
Eric Swanson taking meticulous notes.

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