Tuesday, July 29, 2014

End of Summer 2014 Field Season

After a great summer full of hard work, our time at the Simpson lot has come to an end. We accomplished a great deal this summer by diving head first into excavations to focus on the west wide of the basement, and we plan to return in the near future to finish our work.

Last week we focused on finishing up Units 138 and 140. After Unit 138 revealed an exposed area of articulated brick within the northern wall, Unit 140 was placed to the east to investigate whether the structure continued or not. After opening up Unit 140, we found no remnants of the structure. It is possible that the structure exposed in Unit 138 is a part of the southern basement that was moved when the lot was bulldozed after hurricane Ivan, and it is also possible that this structure is part of another chimney. Although we did not have enough time this field season to further expand on these units, it is definitely a possibility for next summer.

Wall structure in Unit 138

End of excavation west wall profile of Unit 140

This next week will be focused on finishing up paperwork and preparing for lab processing in the fall. Although this field season is over, we look forward to returning to the Simpson lot in the future! 

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