Monday, July 7, 2014

Week 7 Update

We are now headed into our eighth week of field school, but first we want to show you what we accomplished this past week. Though we only spent three days in the field, the crew accomplished quite a bit this week.

Units 127 and 131 are now finished with excavations and crew members are working on wall profiles.

Unit 127: End of Excavation
Three new units were opened this week. A 1 m x 1 m unit (Unit 133) was placed to investigate a positive probe hit. Crew members discovered an oddly semi-circular array of bricks while excavating this unit. To see if this continued, a 50 cm x 50 cm unit was placed east of Unit 133. The bricks do not appear to be significant and excavations of both units were terminated. 

Unit 133: End of Excavation

Unit 134: End of Excavation

The bricks that were cropping up in Unit 132 have been revealed to be some sort of structure. At this point in the excavations, we are hypothesizing that it is a chimney. The concentration of artifacts recovered from the unit has dropped considerably and crew members are now just finding brick fragments.
Unit 132: Top of LVL 3
Unit 132: Top of LVL 5

 The south wall of Unit 132 is covered with mortar, with small areas of brick peeking through. In order to investigate this and expand our knowledge of the structure, crew members placed in a 1 m x 2 m unit directly south of Unit 132. Excavations of Unit 135 are currently approaching the end of level 1. Much like level 1 of Unit 132, it has been producing a lot of glass and iron fragments from the mid-late 20th century. We've included some pictures of a few of our favorites below.

Unit 135: Before Excavation

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