Sunday, July 20, 2014

Week 9 Update

Summer 2014 Crew

As we transition into our last week of field school, excavations are kicked into high gear as we finish up our remaining units. Since last week, students finished excavating Units 137 and 139 in record time.

Excavations on Unit 137 were terminated once the students uncovered the bottom of the basement floor that was also present in units directly north and south of Unit 137. The wall visible in the western section of the unit is believed to be a continuation of the western basement wall, and the structure running through the central portion of the unit may have been associated with the basement hallway.

Unit 137: End of excavation

Unit 139 was originally placed to investigate whether or not the western basement wall present in Unit 135 continued south, but we encountered a large piece of modern concrete, bricks, iron fragments, and mortar that prevented us from digging deep enough to determine if the wall continued. 

Unit 139: West wall profile

Students excavating Unit 140

Students working on Unit 138 had an especially exciting week. While cleaning and straightening the walls of their unit, students discovered several articulated bricks present within the north wall. We believe that the articulated bricks are the remnant of the southernmost basement wall that we've been searching for. To expose more of the basement wall and to get a better idea of the basement dimensions, Unit 140 was placed northeast of Unit 138 to further investigate. 

Unit 138: North wall profile showing the articulated bricks of the southern basement wall

Unit 140: Top of level 2

Our final week at the Simpson Lot will be focused on trying to obtain some last minute information about the southern boundary of the basement. Details about what we find will be posted next week!

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